Snow Shouter

In a push of encouragement to blog more, get winter butt off sofa etc I signed up for campaign blogging.  What it will be ?  I have no idea but then I had no idea when I had to ‘sell’ me.  Never been good at the pushing me into the centre.  What makes me different, unique?  Humm

I have general interests – gardening, cooking, my dogs, family, crafts.  But how do I stand out from the crowd?  Is it the excitement when I realised a bush in our garden was covered in butterflies or the delight of watching the birds attack a fat ball in the garden during the recent visit from ‘the Beast of the East’.  I suffered from making me unique when I left work and had to put into my tax return form what my occupation was, and after much thought and in a touch of grandiose (well the cause of death on my Dad’s death certificate was “frailty of old age” – would imagine that is not a much used term)  I put down glass-engraver.  Charity Trustee would be run of the mill and at the time I was presenting a show once a week on a community radio station, so I could hardly put ‘radio presenter’.

For this campaign malarkey I had a thought about what made me different and it was the act caught doing recently.  Everyone has been enjoying the snow, the inability to travel anywhere, building igloos and trying to track down the elusive milk and bread.  I had reached my limit of walking the dogs separately through foot high snow as one doesn’t like the heavy snow and can’t walk and the other one bounces along like Tigger.  When another snow flurry started I didn’t realise I was standing at the kitchen sink shouting at the snow to stop, until I was asked “why are you shouting at the snow, it can’t hear you”.  I had turned into a snow shouter, wonder if that is an acceptable job description for my tax return!

Is Spring On Its Way?

Probably safe to say the last month or so has been hectic!  Five weeks ago we adopted a dog, springer spaniel, called Fred who is 9 years old.  He doesn’t act his age and since his haircut he doesn’t look old at all.  He has settled in so well with our dog, Tess and I think they are quite fond of each other.  Though she is a clype when he does something naughty!

Fred has to lose weight, he was 22kg when he went into foster and 20 kg when we got him and is now down to 19kg (I thought it was way more but mis-read the scales at the vets!  Ho Hum).  He pulls and snarls towards male dogs bigger than him and we had got it under control until some uncaring owner who did not care to call her off leash dogs (two great danes) away from charging and threatening my two!  Since then Fred has started to get the first snarl in!  So back to square one, but other than that he is a big sook.  I have even started a facebook page for him to update friends etc on how he is doing –  fredwoodsess

Allotment has had the ‘dead’ stuff dug up and of my four areas two are completely clean and ready!  The other two will be in the same state come Thursday once I get room in my garden refuse bin!  Seeds are all bought and these will be planted this week once the greenhouse has dried out from its winter clean.  I have the allotment all planned, what is going where and I even have companion plants near by/ together and separated the protagonists, decided to really take this serious and not just “if it grows it grows”!  Heck I might even post a picture!

Health kick has stalled due to me settling Fred in but next week I am starting back big style well my birthday present from my husband of Nike ID trainers should be here so I had better use them!

Blogging 101 – Personalised Take On A Daily Prompt

The daily prompt I choose is – People are afraid of all kinds of things: spiders, the dark, or being enclosed in small spaces. Tell us about your greatest fear — rational or irrational.

There are a few things that turn my stomach but I wouldn’t call them fears.  I do have two overwhelming fears – snakes and heights!  Fairly common ones.  They say (obviously the people who don’t have any fears!) that to get over your fear face it!  So I have held many snakes, courtesy of the reptile house at the zoo.  I got to hold many types, sizes and I was amazed at how smooth the snakes felt and the power in the constrictors but still I fear them.

Heights is an odd one as in stick me in a plane and my nose is glued to the window enjoying the scenery below.  When we flew to San Francisco I spent a good hour if not longer in awe of Greenland and the snow and the height of the mountains.  But as soon as I stand at the top of the steps to come off the plane my legs just crumble and I am sure I could easily push babies, elderly people, disabled people out of the way to get down the hell that I feel!  Even in museums where you walk into a central place, the first floor nice view, second floor I feel sick at looking over the side and the third floor I could cry and pass out!  In the centre of Edinburgh is Walter Scott Monument, which has internal stone steps winding up to some viewing decks.  I have gone up it twice, and both times wore my nails down from digging them into the stone!  Now it is narrow so if someone is going in the opposite direction to you then squeeze in but if it is against the window gaps then I could feel myself wanting to hysterically shout at the person to hurry up.  Which is madness and the window space it tiny, my leg couldn’t fit through it so why does my brain fear me getting sucked through the space!

Likewise I worked in a building where the fire escape was stairs where there were gaps at the side of the wall let alone the central bit and gaps in-between the steps!  And with ceiling (9 floors in total) to floor widows! If I had to go to a meeting one floor up and have to take the steps then everyone knew to let me be the last so I could march/stagger up the stairs muttering to myself like the mad female I no doubt looked like!  When it was fire drill time thankfully someone would let me hold onto their arm and talk a load of rubbish to me whilst we tried to get down the stairs going at a snail pace.

I have tried to climb up the Wallace Monument and can get to the first floor no problem, second floor I feel sick and had to admit defeat on the first step up to the third floor!  Even when we were in San Francisco, a place I had yearned to visit and it surpassed my expectations, I was looking forward to walking over the Golden Gate Bridge.  It was the perfect day for it, no clouds in the sky, sun out but not too hot and a slight breeze.  I got a third of the way along before my legs just turned to stone!  Even with my husband standing beside me trying to entice me along couldn’t get me legs to unstone themselves.  He said he would walk back with me and I told him no he was to walk along and come back and tell me all about the amazing view.  It took me a couple of minutes to pluck up the courage to turn round to walk back and again crazy with the mad march/stagger appeared.  

So I try facing me fears but nothing helps! Though having a large glass of wine afterwards whilst I laugh at me does help, though does not cure!

Blogging 101 – Be Inspired by the Neighbours

Yesterday I came across Muddy boots and fingernails and commented on their post of their allotment plan.   Which really does put the pressure on me to haul myself up to my allotment and harvest the swedes and brussel sprouts, assuming they haven’t been blown away in all the gales we have had recently.  I also fear my allotment not speaking to me due to my neglect!

I have my allotment books and paper ready to plan this year and did like the illustrated plan that Muddy Boots made, glad their is someone else mad like me that spends time illustrating their plan!

Don’t plan to add anything new this year, actually I do want to add a currant bush or something.  This is my third year of having an allotment and getting a bit more ‘knowledgeable’ so I now know that from one courgette or pumpkin seeds comes many!  First year I thought that as the peas grow I shall build up the support!  Good idea – not!  Last year I constructed a lovely willow cane support but it collapsed due to wind and the weight.  So for Christmas this year I got two pea and bean support frames.

Inspired enough to call by the allotment on the way to the chiropractor and I can see what work needs done and maybe make a lovely plan fro another day!

Blogging 101 – Write to Your Dream Reader

Yesterday’s task or may have been the day before is to write to your dream reader.   Have assumed it is not literal as anyone reading my dreams would just shake their head!  When looking through the ideas for dream reader I saw the ‘so your dad can understand your life choices’.  So my dream reader is my dad, how died just over two years ago (October 2012), he was the grand age of 87.  I was an accident from a power cut so my parents were so much older than my friends parents!

Well Dad, your cause of death on the certificate was ‘frailty of old age’, nothing out of the ordinary for you!   I know you weren’t the showing of emotion type person and your idea of get well, thank you, sorry was giving over a box of chocolates (yup mentioned that in the eulogy) but you are sorely missed by us all and still are (amazing how sometimes it can still knock me for six!).   Telling your friends you had passed was one of the most difficult things I have ever had to do (being with you to the end was easy compared to the phone calls) but I managed it with only hanging up the phone once!  Everyone was shocked as I think you did have them believing you were an android!  As requested your funeral did not have anyone talking about you who didn’t know you or talked all rosey about you!  I did your eulogy and everyone laughed at the stories I told about you – chocolates, care home, christmas, being a granddad.  David read a lovely poem which you would have liked called Death is Nothing At All and John S also spoke about you and his mistake of asking if you wanted water in your whisky.   Entry music was Peter and the Wolf and the undertakers started walking in with you just as the ‘duck’ started!  You would have approved of your funeral, everyone said it was just right for you.  Yes, we gave your cigars to Johnny (I did keep a box with your name engraved on it) and I kept a lot of your books (some went to a trust for the regeneration of coal mining areas).   Daniel looks more and more like you, in mannerisms too!  We scattered your ashes in Scotland’s ‘only lake’ on the 2nd January 2013.  The car journey there with the three of us was quite pleasant talking about you and you would have laughed at us scattering your ashes, David nearly dropped you in the lake container and all!  Daniel couldn’t bring himself to scatter your ashes so I did.  Slight problem was that it is not a tidal lake so your ashes just sank to the waters edge!  We went for a nice lunch (I took a photo of the view you will have) then came back to check and your ashes were still there at the edge!  Though fear not you had moved on by the summer time!


As you would always say as the end of a phone call – Roger Over.

Blogging 101 – Say Hello To The Neighbours

Whoops forgot yesterdays task, so here it is today.

Our assignment – follow five new topics in the Reader and five new blogs.  Well it took me awhile to figure out how to search in the reader!  Pretty obvious I know but I struggled!

New Topics and Blogs I chose were –

Allotment –  horticultural ‘obbit – I chose this page as this is the start of the third year of having an allotment, which is only 15 minutes walk from my house, 5 minutes by car.  Before this I had only grown cucumbers, tomatoes and chilies in my greenhouse and having the allotment has been a learning experience – one courgette or pumpkin seed does not equal one vegetable!   So I am sure I going to learn from this page.

Crafts – Jacqueline’s Blog – I got to an adults Arts & Crafts class on a Wednesday morning and we are always on the lookout for what to make.  Our teacher, Linda, has had us making a variety of things – paper flowers, mobile phones holders, stuffed scented hearts & wreaths, plasticine animals, brooches, canvas bags, plastic bag holders, potato printed napkins, gosh could go on and on!  The first thing I saw on this page was a knitting bag to make and that is something the older ladies would love to make.

Dog Psychology – Study Shows – I have a nutty Spaniel and have completed the first level of a Dog Psychology course and I am fascinated in what makes dogs do what the do and how to help them ‘cope’.  There are a couple of interesting articles on this page and not all about dogs.

Food & Recipes – Luluesque – I love cooking and forever ripping out recipes from magazines and the first post on this page was an orange and cranberry muffin which looks delicious and as I started on getting fit and healthy eating this week and today is my second of my 5:2 eating then I cannot look at the picture anymore without my stomach grumbling!

Psychology – A COURSE IN REALITY – I am fascinated my psychology generally so there are so many blogs in this ‘section’ but it was the Salvador Dali picture that hooked me in!  And once in the blog I found it interesting.


Blogging 101 – Introduce Yourself

Started all this last year and did nothing else so this year I will do better (can hardly do worse!).

So, I am Rosanne and my blog is really just about things I do, see, cook, watch, of interest.  Who would I like to connect with? Anyone who may find any interest in my blogs, likewise any I find interesting.

Hopefully more interesting blogs to follow!

Found My Way Back

Well after taking part in the ‘Zero to Hero’ challenge last year I did not post another blog!  Typical procrastinator!  So I have signed up for blog 101 starting in the new year.  New Year New Me!

What has changed since last year?  Still have a nutty dog but she is is showing improvements.  Ideally I need a willing person to spend most of the day outside my house ringing the bell; posting things through the letter box; walking up the pathway but with no pay just home baking on offer!  I did pass my level 1 dog psychology and started volunteering at a local centre.  Started going to an adults arts and crafts class where I have met such fab older ladies where we do make stuff (I still cannot sew!) but chat and laugh.  I also completed a flower arranging course which was so much fun even if my husband does think one arrangement looks like Audrey from Little Shop of Horrors.  His exact words were “can you remove that from the table as I am watching waiting for the leaves to unravel and eat me”!  Sigh!

Plans for next year?  A part-time job would be nice!  I will get fit (sick tired of my saying this so I am serious this time, no justifiable reason why not!) but that doesn’t start until the first full week of January, all my exercise classes are booked.  But today I am going into Edinburgh to pay a check into my son’s bank account (moved out over a year ago but I still do his organising!) and have a look around the sales before meeting up with my husband who is meeting one of his friends in a pub in the centre.

Here is hoping I post more!  Happy New Year (just in case I don’t get back on before the end of 2014)

Day 23 – Zero to Hero – Publish A Roundup

Day 23 challenge –  Publish a roundup post that links to posts on at least three other blogs, and tell us why you love the posts.

In no particular order I chose the following (no not the tv programme!) blogs. – purely for the saying – “We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.”  This made me smile, I do try and find the enjoyment in most things and there are some days where I want to lock myself in the house and not speak to anyone other than the dog!  So with play in mind I have been contacting folk to come on my internet radio show and hopefully make the show more fun.  Thanks Jackie. – I love to cook, my husband complains at me ripping out recipes from magazines (especially when I have disasters!).  Anyway this blog has yummy recipes and the pictures are tantalising, my stomach is rumbling!  Thanks Chop Stick Spoon. – As it says on the tin – photos of San Francisco.  Some are not recognisable as being in San Francisco but just knowing they are if enough for me.  My yearning to go back to San Francisco does not diminish in time and I cannot get enough of San Francisco ‘things’.  My family and friends laugh when I say when I win a fortune on the lottery I am moving to San Francisco but one of these days I will win and I will move! Farewell Scotland hello San Francisco! Thanks Streets of San Francisco Photos.